Tending Our Garden by Creatively Growing Good

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About Dig the Good

Tending Our Garden by Creatively Growing Good.

What does that mean? In short, through creativity we want to bring hope and joy to the issues faced within our garden.

Our garden is the earth where we live. From it we grow. We grow health, prosperity and society.

This website and our creative process is also a garden. In this garden our ideas (concepts, designs and art) may grow from seed (conception / imagination) to harvest (in terms of creative satisfaction, fun, hope, change, business, reach, impact or goodness) all in a regenerative manner.

We want to grow ideas that bring smiles and joy or at least that make you think. We want to grow ideas that focus on solutions or outcomes. We advocate for these ideas and hope you do the same. We want to tend and nourish them.

So please, dig the good in life.

My name is Tomás (my bio). I am a creative explorador or just a strange artistic guy who comes up with stuff. I came up with Dig the Good because I have many ideas both conceptual and visual. I always have. Some tug at me and I want to play with them. I’m a goofball who likes to help and grow things. I love to garden. I love nature, animals, the earth, geography and creativity.