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About DIG the GOOD

DIG the GOOD's mission is to be a garden for ideas (concepts, designs and/or art) to grow from seed (conception/imagination) to harvest (in terms of business, reach/impact, creative satisfaction and/or goodness). We want to DIG the GOOD ones whether they are perennials or annuals. We want to nourish them and keep them thriving. We aim to align with ideas that promote hope and/or fun.

Hello, my name is Tomás Custer (my bio). I am a creative explorer or just a strange artistic guy who comes up with stuff. I came up with DIG the GOOD because I have many ideas both conceptual and visual. I always have. Some tug at me and I want to play with them. I’m goofy guy who likes to help and grow things. I love to garden. I love nature, animals and creativity. I am a born curator. I have designed websites and web services for over 20 years. So I envisioned this company as a way for me to address all of this. I also have many drawings from my father, Thomas Custer, (his bio) who passed 2019.

One of DIG the GOOD's core concepts is using domains names as the seed for an idea. Each domain name gets its own website to grow into but are all tied together under the Dig the Good banner. Many of these domain name ideas fall under the concept of Show It Say It. In other words, a Show It Say It concept is meant to make a statement.

Any of these concepts may sprout into something more than a simple domain name. With luck and care, they may put down roots and grow into an empowering message, a small business concept, a creative success or an imaginary playful brand either way I want to play with them. It is a simple idea centered around a domain name like from which this business sprouted, rooted and is now growing upon.

A few more examples include:

Themes include:

But if you want to get a glimpse at how this project entails follow either of the following links: An alphabetical list of domain ideas or view by theme. Many of these ideas are silly experiments but that is kind of my thing. Some fall into more than one theme. I hope you enjoy.