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About Tomas

My name is Tomás Cruz Custer. I am an artist and creative nerdy goofball. I think of myself as a Creative Explorador and a Smile Grower.

I am a Hispanic Gen-Xer. I was born and bred in Chicago to a Mexican-American mother and an American-Gringo father (his incredible art will also featured in DIG the Good (his bio). According to DNA, it appears I am 28% Indigenious Americas-Mexico. Unfortunately, I grew up not speaking Spanish. Luckily today, I can sort of hold a conversation.

I was very lucky to attend good schools and have good parents, family and friends. Yes things good and bad have occurred in my life and I am sure more of both will come. That is life.

Professionally, I have designed and developed websites for 20 years. I practically grew up in a TV station. I have worked in Media, Higher Education, K-8 education and a Silicon Valley Startup all with various duties. For 10 years I published a Hispanic news service called HispanicTips and am still casually curating there.

I am an Aquarius, left-handed and still have plenty of hair on my head. I am older than I look but young and curious at heart. I really love to laugh.

Artistically, I have noodled and doodled around for many years. I sold my art in art fairs and a few galleries in Chicago back in the 90s. I mainly specialize in pen & ink. In 2021, I launched Dig the Good to play with my art, ideas along with the legacy my father left me with his artwork.